Registration Process

Pre-Enrollment Application
Families who wish to move forward with enrollment should fill out an online application or contact the Director of Admissions and state their interest. The following forms are required:
  1. We welcome the opportunity to show you how unique and wonderful our programs are. A tour of The Young U Montessori School is required for enrollment. Tours are scheduled by appointment and are designed to show the facility, answer questions and review the child's needs. Tours run approximately 1 hour and include an observation during class time. Parents observe from outside of the classroom as to minimize their effect to the community.
  2. Application for Enrollment along with $100 Fee.
  3. For children entering our Children's House program (ages 3-6), a child visit is required for enrollment. The child visit should be scheduled as a second appointment so that the teacher can receive the child properly. This visit should last approximately 2-3 hours so that the teacher can assess the readiness of the child, including social and emotional readiness. Parents are not allowed in the classroom so that the teacher can see how the child adapts without the parents.
  4. Pre-Admission Background Information Form - Applies to all Children.

How to Complete Enrollment
To Accept an offer to enroll, complete and submit the following forms and fees:
School Registration Packet inclusive of:
  1. Enrollment Agreement inclusive of all acknowledgements and waivers
  2. Submission of applicable fees

Additional Required Forms Are Collected Once Enrollment is Accepted:
  1. Florida Pediatrician Forms Immunization DH680 or DH681 and General Health​​ DH3040
  2. ​Copy of student's Birth Certificate or Passport Page Documenting Age
  3. Identification of Parent or court document that establishes legal guardianship of the student
  4. Copy of Medical Insurance Card

Tuition and enrollment policy provides that tuition fees are annual and that it is understood that each child is enrolled for the entire school year. Tuition installments do not reflect the number or days in a month. All Fees are non-refundable.